3D rendering, Still Images
& 360 Immersive View

At RTL Visualization Studio, we specialize in using the power of real-time rendering technology to bring your ideas to life with quality and precision. 

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We offer 2D floor plans, 3D still images, 3D videos and 360º views of residential, commercial and hospitality designs working with real-time rendering technology.

RLT Visualization Studio is a full-time remote studio and we currently operate throughout the United States and are available internationally.

01. Discovery call

The discovery phase is the cornerstone of our collaboration and gives us the opportunity to get to know your particular needs and objectives in depth. Here you can brief us on the details of your project so that we are clear on the scope, schedule and budget before moving into the production phase.

02. Kick-off

A kick-off meeting is like the starting line for a project. It’s when everyone involved gathers to talk about what needs to be done, who’s responsible for what, and when it all needs to happen. It’s a chance to set goals, share ideas, and make sure everyone is on the same page before getting started.

03. Monochrome

On Monochrome stage, we render a previous version of the renderings, without textures or materials, to make sure the cameras angles and scenes set up, are correct.

04. Colors

Here we define details such as materials, textures, colors,
furniture and atmosphere.

05. Details

Final adjustments of decoration and details.

06. Final file preparation and delivery

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